School cannot make you a talented musician- kwabena kwabena

imagesHighlife musician, Kwabena Kwabena holds the firm belief that music is inbuilt and one can never learn to become a talented musician in school.

According to the award winning musician, born George Kwabena Adu, an individual can go to school to learn the technical aspects of music but can never acquire the needed knowledge to be a talented musician.

Speaking in an interview on Personality Profile on Drive Time on Joy FM with Lexis Bill, Kwabena Kwabena said music is born with an individual and not acquired.

He explained that, “music is inbuilt. I just want to put on record that music is not anything you go to school or anywhere to learn. It has to be something which is inbuilt, something which is a talent then you can enhance it.”

Asked if an individual cannot go to school and become a good musician, the award winning musician was swift in responding, “hell no!”

The ‘Asor’ hit singer stressed that an individual can go to school to become a “technical musician but not a talented musician like you know the technicalities of music.”

Apart from music, Kwabena Kwabena is a draftsman by profession and he explained that he studied that course at the polytechnic because he was inspired by his love for buildings.

“Anything creativity had been my passion since childhood. I always wanted to do something so going to school to choose a profession [on the] academic side. I always wanted to be on the construction field where I can create, I can build [houses]…”.

For now, the talented singer says he is currently not practicing draftsmanship commercially but he will be going back to school next year to study architecture.

With four albums to his credit, Kwabena Kwabena is bracing up to celebrate his tenth anniversary doing commercial music next year. He plans to hold several tours and a mammoth concert to celebrate anniversary.

He believes that the highlife music genre can and will achieve its full potential if more musicians embrace the genre and produce more songs from it.

“I’m asking all those highlife musicians at home, let’s get to work, let’s hit the studios. Let’s produce highlife music, if we have enough highlife music out there, people will listen to it,” the singer urged.