Musician and actor who double as a producer Slim De Dancing Bagad Busterr will storm the Kpando Stadium come Saturday 7th April 2012 in the volta region. Bell Jay entertainment will host Slim Busterr as the headline artiste with support from King David and some other supporting artistes from the hiplife fraternity in the country.

Speaking with Bell Jay, he said the “voltarians” also celebrate Easter very well and this is not the first time he is trying an event of that sort. He said even though it’s the first time ever having Slim perform with support from some few artistes in Kpando, it will for sure be a success. “Having Slim Busterr alone is a very big thing. He is an experience musician and I don’t think I will have someone in Ghana who will doubt Slim’s stage act or performance. He has enough hit songs from the 90’s till date, he can sing and dance as well and that makes him a good performer that people in Kpando will love to watch on stage all day long” he said with a smile.

In a phone interview with Slim, he said he is ever ready for the people in Kpando and is really going to give to them the best of Slim Busterr. He said he has never relax in his music career as people perceived but has being working on his upcoming “azonto song” which will hit the airwaves pretty soon. “ I rehearse everyday and has never being “weak” in stage acts. If people really want to see what I can do now on stage then they should just come over to the Kpando stadium on 7th April. A dancer is just like an soldier, once a soldier, always a soldier. Remember old soldier never dies” he said laughing.

Slim also disclosed that he will not only storm Kpando but will also hit kwehu with Omanpayin, Barima and some renowned hiplife musicians on Easter Monday inside Obomeng. “I know there is this perception in town that I can no longer face the new trend of hiplife music and that is why I have diverted into movies, that is why am no more coming out with new album but I want those out there with such perception to know that Slim can come out every day because I’ve got everything and don’t lack anything music. The issue is not with coming out with albums every year but the important thing is how quality the album you coming out with is. Though I’m in the studio working on an album, I haven’t finish enjoying the “fruits” of my previous albums. I am storming Kpando and Kwehu with these same albums. When it comes to performing or the stage, leave it for me and my dancers. We will rock you. Can Slim do the azonto dance? “haha., Azonto is Slim Busterr. So if you want to see the real azonto dance, come watch me do my azonto” he said.

According to organizers, the event starts at exactly 6pm till you drop and the rate is a cool Ghc10 for VIP and Ghc5 regular.