Take it easy on kissing and smooching my wife on set|Shatta Wale

Shatta & Wife

Shatta & Wife

The ego of a man is usually challenged when another man is seen playing his wife. However, it more interesting to accept when the woman is acting movies where romantic roles may pre-suggest insinuations in the viewers eyes. As Shatta Wale was put on the spot by Bola Ray on Starr FM interview, where he was asked where he is supportive of his wife’s decision to venture in to acting?

Well I would personally say Shatta is a man with political will as he responded with caution to male actors:

“Oo my wife has always wanted to act, even when I met her, one thing she constantly told me was her desire to be an actress, so I’m 100% in support of her decision to act.” he said

By Antwi Odrey