The “God” Guru, Sarkodie, Others Worship Is False – Gospel Artiste

imagesThe recent trend which most Ghanaian songs by popular acts is to just take the name of God and or call God in a different language such as Nyame, Baba, Mawu etc and drop a danceable beat to it and it becomes a gospel song which is contrary to Christian norms says Ghanaian urban gospel artist Calvin Bill.

According to the gospel rapper/singer Calvin Bill, songs like Sarkodie’s ‘Adonai’, Bisa Kdei s ‘Baba’, Guru’s unorthodox ‘Amen’, ‘Mpaebo’, ‘Bonsam Ani’, cannot be labelled gospel songs because it doesn’t praise the Christian God in any way.

“In every religion there is a belief of a supreme God or Baba and even the demons believe in a God.” These are some of the words urban gospel artist Calvin Bill said when he was interviewed by the JC Cafe, a Ghanaian gospel group whose aim is to take the real Gospel to the streets.

So what then is a gospel song?

The meaning of gospel is good news about the life of Christ and his reason of dying for mankind so a gospel song is a ministration about Jesus Christ and not just simply calling Gods name in songs.

So these secular artists end up misleading and deceiving the youth in believing they are Godly people when they’re just wolves in sheep skin.