Three Musicans To Face Court

It must have been a nightmare for event organizes Gold Coast 4 Entertainment, when two Saturdays ago, they flew local music stars Guru, Edem and E.L all the way to Tamale for The African Child Concert and they refused to perform.

The three artistes had taken part payment of their agreed performance fees but refused to perform upon arrival because they demanded full payment of their fees.

The publicist of Gold Coast 4 Entertainment, Wisdom Carah, disclosed to Showbiz last week that Guru had charged GH¢5,000 and had been given part payment of GH¢2,500, while E.L who asked for GH¢2,000 had been paid GH¢1,000. Edem too had been paid GH¢1,250 as part payment of GH¢2,500.

Describing the situation to Showbiz he said, the show started around 9:00pm with underground artistes and after two hours, the large crowd were getting restless and wanted to see the main artistes on the bill: Sherifa Gunu, Edem, Guru and E.L.

“The scene became unpleasant as the angry audience started throwing sachet water and screaming for Sherifa Gunu, Edem, Guru and E.L. Sherifa Gunu somehow calmed the situation by performing four of her hit song”, Wisdom told Showbiz.

“About twenty minutes after Sherifa, the angry crowd began again throwing sachet water onto the stage. Someone from the crowd came to me and said “I will kill you if I don’t see Guru and Edem”. The crowd started climbing the stage so we the organizers had to run away for our lives.

For their refusal to perform the organizers are threatening court action against the three artistes “for a refund of their money plus interest, and also for endangering our lives”.

Wisdom said, the Company will do all it can do to deal with them because it states clearly in the contract that two working days after the event before the rest of the money will be paid, so the artistes didn’t have any reason for refusing to perform.

Speaking for Guru, his manager, Daniel Obeng, told Showbiz on Monday that Guru was ready to perform just that the organizers were not time conscious.

“Guru together with the other artistes were in the bus at the stadium for more than three hours and nobody said anything to us. At a point in time, I had to come out of the bus to confront the organizers and ask them when Guru was going to perform. It was getting very late and because there was miscommunication, we left for the hotel” Daniel Obeng said.

But musician Edem would not comment on the issue when he was contacted. E.L on his part said there was miscommunication and that was the reason he couldn’t’ perform.

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