TI Slams Don King

Photo Credit: Instagram

Photo Credit: Instagram

Rapper TI is just not here for Don King’s recent speech in support of Donald Trump.

According to reports, Don King slipped up and used the N-word during a speech on behalf of Donald Trump.

The situation has angered many in the black community due to a good number of Trump’s white supporters enjoying the slip a bit too much.

VLAD TV writes:

A three-city swing through Ohio took a shocking turn for the GOP presidential campaign Wednesday morning [September 21], when during a stop in Cleveland Heights, legendary boxing promoter and Trump supporter, Don King, slurred the N-word during a speech endorsing the billionaire candidate.

“We need Donald Trump, especially black people. Because you’ve got to understand my Black brothers and sisters, they told me you’ve got to try to emulate and imitate the white man, and then you can be successful. So we tried that,” King said, as Trump looked on from a seat positioned behind the podium at the New Spirit Revival Center Church. “I told Michael Jackson, If you’re poor, you are a poor negro. I would use the n-word. But if you’re rich, you are a rich Negro. If you are intelligent, intellectual, you’re an intellectual Negro. If you’re a dancing and sliding and gliding n****r — I mean negro — you are a dancing and sliding and gliding negro,” he then followed.


T.I. clapped back on Instagram with the following:

And when you’re a spineless soul-selling C**N…. You’re a spineless soul-selling C**N-NEGRO!!!! U old Steven Off Django, Uncle Ruckus in real life, Hate-the-skin-U-In,Poor excuse for a Black Man,Willie Lynch endorsing a*s C**N!!!! Just look at how those rich privileged white men laughing in satisfaction AT U,because you’re so lost in your own selfishness that you’d(even at this fragile state that the nation is in)SELL YOUR OWN PEOPLE OUT!!!! You’re a f*cking disgrace to ALL GENERATIONS of black people,young and old. Your family,friends,and ancestors should be ashamed to claim your STUPID A*S!!! Now I see why @miketyson@floydmayweather #MuhammasAli & all your fighters ran your a*s outta boxing…. WE as a people deserve better!!!! #DonC**n

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles | urbanbellemag.com