Trigmatic avoids Copulation

Trigmatic has said that he doesn’t have sex a week before his show or events when he performs.  He explained that he uses this to relax, train and concentrate on his show. This is to say that sex is a kind of a distraction and staying away from it helps him. Anytime he has a show he won’t have sex even when tempted. Trigmatic is one of the renowned musicians in Ghana who has won many fans and awards in Ghana and beyond. He is one of the few hip life artiste who have collaborated with gospel musicians. He has a gospel song with Herty Borngreat but he is popularly known for his hip pop flair.

Trigmatic has released an Album called Ayoo and he expects to leave a mark on the music scene. He hopes to be a legend and be remembered like Papa Koo Nimo even years after he is gone.