Tupac’s Most Socially-Conscience Songs And Videos

Tupac Shakur rose from the dead with a well-received performance at Coachella Music Festival in California last week.

Pac‘s “performance” brought back not only memories of the rap icon’s legendary stage presence; it made us reflect on what that 25-year-old phenom could have been had he not died in a hail of bullets back in 1997.

So NewsOne has put together a list of what we feel are Pac’s most social conscience music videos we feel exemplified the man he was on track to becoming before he took his final breath in Los Vegas more than fifteen years ago.

Tell us what you think of our list!

1) Brenda’s Got A Baby

2) Dear Mama

3) Keep Ya Head Up

4) I Wonder If Heaven Got A Ghetto

5) Trapped

6) Me Against The World

7) Only God Can Judge Me


8) My Block

9) Lord Knows

10) I Still Rise