Uncle Ebo’s new play: women on fire

imagesPlaywright, Uncle Ebo Whyte and his Roverman Production team are gearing up for another play for the Christmas festivities.

The play, Women on Fire, which will be showing at the National Theatre on Saturday, November 29, and Sunday, November 30, highlights the diverse social backgrounds of women in the society.

It tells the story of Sika, a master’s degree holder who decides to sell at the market after school. With her academic background and knowledge, Sika puts into practice what she learnt in school to make a success out of her trading.

But her success in her trading business wouldn’t go unnoticed by the market women who are envious of her.

They level unfounded allegations of her indulging in juju to make her business successful, without finding out for themselves Sika’s “little secret”.

As characteristic of humans, they plot against her but will their evil machinations work?

Women on Fire is the fourth play by Roverman Production this year after Make Me a Woman Tonight, Games Men Play and Unforgiven.

When the Daily Graphic met Uncle Ebo Whyte at the Neighbourhood Centre at Osu last Wednesday, the playwright and his 18-member cast were busy rehearsing for next week’s show.

In an interview, he  promised patrons a great performance. “It’s been less than a month to prepare for this play and I have been impressed by the commitment and co-operation of the team. They have been remarkable,” he stated.

There will be a repeat show of Women on Fire on December 6 and 7. The play is being sponsored by Airtel. Roverman is producing it in partnership with Joy FM and the National Theatre.