Van Vicker stars in LisaRaye McCoy’s skin bleaching movie

Charming Ghanaian actor Van Vicker has starred in LisaRaye McCoy‘s directorial debut, ‘Skinned’, a movie about skin bleaching, colourism and the issues that arise.

The movie is an initiative designed to make a global impact by bringing awareness to the harmful dangers and side effects of skin bleaching.

The goal of the campaign according to the LisaRay McCoy team is to also encourage people to “Love the skin you are in” and say NO to skin bleaching.

The campaign is not about judgment or pointing accusing fingers, but about uplifting the beauty of the natural skin and rejecting the notion that “your skin whether a descendant from Asia, the Caribbean or African country, in all its different shades is not beautiful”.

It takes a village to spread the word and join the movement.Van Vicker plays an African businessman who prefers light-skinned women and unknowingly marries a black woman who has bleached her skin. She has no childhood pictures of herself and lies she has vitiligo, and also cannot bear children because of her secret.









Source: Starrfmonline