Venture into water production|Kobbi Blaq


From the political and musical quarters the adage “enam dudwo nsei Nkwan” – literal translation “na more meat no dey spoil soup” or better said “a lot of meat does not contaminate soup”. As the government is crying out to curb the production of plastic made products in the country, a music production company lead by Blaqsheep Multimedia Group, an Artist Management, PR and Events company took up a challenge to team up with Abova Water Company in the production of bottle water.

Although the government may not appreciate the production of another plastic product amid loitering, yet the creation of jobs is believed to be the top of the agenda. Kobbi Blaq known as Mark Sebastian Ashigbui the former management member of D2 and Ruff & Smooth is leading the venture of this water production.


By Antwi Odrey