Veteran actors are greedy

Veteran actors are greedy
vaSocrates Sarfo has said that most of the veteran actors because they don’t want to employ the services of a manager. He explained that they are don’t want to spend their money on managers so they are always in the dark. They don’t promote themselves which doesn’t allow the public and producers to know about them.
He explained that having a manager will help this veteran actors to have more jobs for themselves. He also said that the young comedians have managers who go around to hunt for roles for them and help them to be relevant. Socrates also said that they stay behind the scenes expecting producers to find them which won’t work. He also said after they stay without being relevant they begin to come out to make an attempt at promoting themselves
Sarfo went ahead to substantiate that producers are ever ready to work with them provided they are available and willing to work. He gave a typical example that Ekow blankson worked didn’t take money and wanted to do the movie and even supported them on set. The next movie he planned with Ekow Blankson was on a contract base and he paid him more than he planned on his budget.


Monica Otumfuor

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