Video: Is this prophet really a man of God?

imagesWhen some of us have problems with religion, its leaders and the many credulous fools that follow some of the dogma; people see us as insensitive and others call us the anti-Christ. But after watching the video below, if you still do not find any problem with today’s church—-many of such which have germinated at our various backyards, then you surely need some sort of mental evaluation.

Apart from the cruelty of this so called Man of God, I just cannot understand why any reasonable person would even visit him—to hear such nonsense and wickedness being thrown at him or her about his/her life. I cannot bring myself together to fully estimate the harm that would be caused to any of those people being told they will die in few days; they will get HIV and other things—provided they genuinely believe what their prophet is telling them as coming from God, therefore being true.

People are really vulnerable in life and it is this vulnerability that pushes a lot of us to such places in search for salvation or a good place to live for the afterlife. And then smart but evil persons like this Prophet jump to take advantage of the vulnerability of people, throwing into air all manner of nonsense—irrespective of the emotional or physical harm his words would cause. How would you deal with it if your trusted Man of God told you, you will die in few days as seen in the video below? Is this even allowed? Who regulates such nonsense in our communities? This should amount to torture… Do you realize it would be unlawful for a Doctor to say such words to a patient but the Pastor/Man of God is freely allowed to torture people this way?  Watch the video below: