Video: REKX Records makes debut with its all-star video, ‘Made in Tema’

imagesREKX is an acronym for Real Entertainment Knocked down EXtremely. We at REKX Promos; owners of REKX Records, REKXBOIZ and REKXGIRLZ, have adopted an approach that utilizes the opportunities artistes possess to virally infect sustainable thinking into the minds of the youth of today.

Like most artistes, REKX artistes are not entertainers because of ‘money and fame’, though that it is an eventuality we anticipate to achieve with each artiste signed onto the label.

REKX is in existence because the owners, partners and artistes want to use the platform and the opportunity they possess as powerful people to move crowds through the power of words to challenge the minds of young people to think and do things sustainably and aspire to becoming social entrepreneurs.

By the use of this mastermind alliance, REKX is poised at establishing billion dollar companies that have creative people working in the spirit of harmony and sustainability for the betterment of our society and continent at large. Money is seen as a result of our hard work and innovative approach to what we do.

The scouting of artistes signed on the label begun in 2009 and by the close of 2013 all 10 highly talented artistes have been recruited from all four corners in Ghana. REKX Records was officially registered in 2010. The REKX Passion to do what we do is summed up our Vision statement.

The two heads, Joseph Afari (a.k.a. Jay Rekx) and Paa Twum (a.k.a. P Rekx) are the major sound Engineers and also form part of the management team. This duo around 2007 decided to create a record label which is poised to shine even more the face of our Ghanaian music industry and create jobs for millions of Africans.

The group has three female artistes amongst the 10. They are the REKX GIRLZ. Two of which are rappers namely Kierra and Raki. Kierra currently resides in Maryland Baltimore and represents the American wing of REKX . The third female Jeepha is a singer.

The rest 7 of the artistes are males and are called REKX BOIZ. 3 of which are singers and 4 are rappers. Artistes like Twist Buck and Khelvyn Blaqmore are singers too as well as Jay Rehmi, a rapper as well as a highlife, dancehall and a singer.

The synergy between the older ones in the group who saw the 90s music industry successes and the generation X and Y artistes modern approach to music form the backbone of success of the REKX Record Label.

The Vision of REKX Records is “To develop and manage artistes to become successful entrepreneurs who are creative visionaries.”

In this light REKX is very much interested in empowering artistes to not just become artistes but social entrepreneurs who see their success only based on the positive impact they would have on their society.