Watch: Evelyn Lozada Gets Emotional About Second Miscarriage

Photo Credit: Instagram

Photo Credit: Instagram

Weeks ago Evelyn Lozada confirmed to the media that she has suffered another miscarriage, and she actually lost the baby last Thanksgiving.

In a clip of “Livin Lozada,” the reality star gets very emotional about losing a baby for the second time.

Evelyn Lozada is devastated that she suffered another miscarriage but she’s decided to try her best to be strong and move forward.

The Huffington Post writes:

When reality star Evelyn Lozada had her first miscarriage last year, she curled up in bed and stayed there crying, consumed with grief. After mourning the loss, Lozada and fiancé Carl Crawford felt ready to try again, and to Lozada’s joy, she was able to get pregnant. However, that pregnancy, too, resulted in miscarriage.

This time, Lozada reacted differently. The miscarriage happened on Thanksgiving Day, a few weeks before her 40th birthday, as cameras were shooting scenes for her reality show, “Livin’ Lozada.” The mother of two suddenly excused herself, removed her mic and went into the bathroom.

“I can’t believe that this is happening to me again,” Lozada can be heard saying. “I think I’m miscarrying, like, right now.”

Once again devastated, Lozada pushed through the familiar grief and put on a brave face for her family.

“What am I going to do? I just have to be brave,” she said. “I have to be strong and I have to just keep it together. I feel like I don’t have any other choice.”

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles|