‘We are sorry’ – Gyan brothers apologise to media

imagesBlack Stars captain, Asamoah Gyan, is calling for a truce between his family and the Ghanaian media, after his brother Baffour, allegedly led heavily built men “Macho men” to assault a Daily Graphic reporter, Daniel Kenu.

Ghana’s media industry and the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) supported Mr. Kenu to wage a legal war, vowing to make Baffour pay for his actions.

Gyan and his brother have been in the media recently for all the wrong reasons, including rumours that Asamoah had a hand in the disappearance of hiplife artiste, Castro; a claim the Gyans have denied strongly.

At a press conference in Accra on Wednesday, the Gyan brothers said: “We apologize for Baffour Gyan’s angry outburst at Daniel Kenu. It was uncalled for, and we believe it will not be repeated.”

They, however, deny hiring the thugs to beat up the journalist saying, the men who roughed up Kenu were coincidentally around when Baffour confronted the journalist.

“A few unhappy words were spoken in the heat of the situation. We regret this incident especially because it created an avenue for some young men, who were present, to rough the journalist up. Baffour Gyan ought to have known that some of these young men are prone to fighting causes for football stars and his angry outburst at Daniel Kenu may unintentionally send a signal to them to get physical.”

The Gyans explained that “on hindsight, it seems to us that Daniel Kenu was not actuated by malice. Perhaps he meant well and on an occasion different from the one in which the question was posed, it may not have evoked the emotional response it did. And perhaps we should have taken the opportunity to lay to rest these wicked allegations and rumours.”

The family admitted that aside their own football talent, the Gyan brothers are who they are because of the media.

They said despite the heavy criticisms leveled against them in the media in respect of their failings, they have always had a commendable working relationship with the media until the Daniel Kenu incident.

“Asamoah Gyan has a bit more of football time. And he will always need the media to cover his games, especially as he captains the Black Stars.”

“We humbly call for a truce between the Gyan brothers on the one hand, and the media on the other hand. We are reaching out a friendly hand to journalists and the media. Please accept it. It is time to let the matter rest,” the Gyans added.