‘Wee’ found in Ekow Micah’s house weighed 127g

imagesA witness in the narcotics-related trial of popular reggae musician Lester Ekow Micah has revealed that the substance found at the residence of the accused weighed 127 grams.

Ms Mercy Agyapong, a government analyst at the Forensic Laboratory of the Ghana Police Service who tested the substance, Tuesday told an Accra Circuit Court that the substance proved positive for cannabis.

The witness said having proven positive for cannabis, she wrote a report on the substance and submitted same to the “submitting agency”, insisting that the compressed substance weighed 127 grams.

During cross-examination, Andrew Kudzo Vortia, the new lawyer for the accused, while serving notice to the court to recall an earlier witness in the case, asked Ms Agyapong whether she saw any other name apart from that of the accused on the envelope containing the substance.

In response, the government analyst indicated that she was unable to recollect other names on the envelope.

The trial judge, Aboagye Tandoh, adjourned hearing until Thursday, October 15, 2015 for the continuation of the cross-examination by Micah’s lawyer.

The reggae musician has denied the charge of possessing narcotic drugs without lawful authority and is currently on remand.

Micah who is a resident of Ogbojo near Kokrobite in Accra was arrested on August 4, by the police in Airport over an alleged extortion case currently under investigation.

Following day, at about 1130 hours, the Police visited Micah’s house to conduct a search and in the process, a quantity of dried leaves suspected to be Indian hemp was found concealed in Micah’s bag.