We’re losing our morals gradually|OJ

OJ Simpson

OJ Simpson

Contemporary Gospel singer/Songwriter Minister O J has said vulgar lyrics of songs released in recent times is partly to blame for the state of moral decadence in the country.

“We are losing our morals gradually, a time will come people will be almost naked on Television so our leaders should check most of these things.”

According to him, artists release tracks which are not censored with much emphasis on sex.

When asked about songs in the past as compared with present-day songs, OJ noted that the veteran artistes managed to package or use wise sayings in their ‘profane’ songs in a good way to outsmart kids but with contemporary musicians they use vulgar words in their songs without packaging it to suit society.

“Our elderly people wrap up or sometimes use proverbs in their profane songs which tells about nudity and sex in a modest way to outsmart the kids but today, musicians have no shame for profanity since that is how the world has turned into. Worse things are yet to happen because of exposure to internet.”

“Citing Veteran singer, AB Crenstil’s controversial song titled ‘Moses’, will not be relevant in this current dispensation since he used objects and fruits to describe the sensitive parts of a woman but what he said was very significant because he presented it in a decent way.”

Speaking with Kojo Preko Dankwa on Kasapa Entertainment Saturday, on Kasapa 102.5 FM, he indicated that African languages are tonal and sensitive because in other languages it is so easy to translate to English but in the Ghanaian society especially with the ‘Twi’ language, it makes the word so difficult to mention.

“Even though we shouldn’t feel shy to speak our native language, every language has it own culture that governs it so songwriters should be circumspect when choosing words for their songs. Artistes think of making much money without recourse to morals of the citizenry.

Known for his inspirational and emotional songs, the contemporary gospel artiste hinted that his new album which is yet to be released will be one of his biggest hit songs in Ghana.

Source: kasapafmonline.com