Where Is Grace Ashely’s Action For Not Receiving An Award?

imagesGrace was annoyed with the organizers of the Sports excellence awards. She explained that she wasn’t aware of the awards scheme and didn’t know about her nomination. What baffled her the most was that she didn’t win but lost to Noella Wiyaala. She pointed that she deserved to win the award hands down because she has been doing this for ten years running. Grace is one of the musicians who took it up on herself to support the Ghana black stars with her music and is very popular. When it comes to football music in Ghana the first musician that comes to mind is Grace. She has tirelessly worked her way in that field and won the respect and admiration of all football lovers and the country as a whole. In this good works Former President His Excellency Kuffuor awarded her with an honorary award for her immense contribution to sports.
Noella Wiyaala on the other hand is an artiste who entered the industry by winning Vodafone icons 3 years ago with her other 2 members of the group Black And Peach. She broke away from the group and is making waves both in Ghana and Africa.
Last year during the tournament she released a song along with Grace and other musicians. The songs that sailed through the season was that of Noella and Grace Ashely. Grace has a style which is very familiar to Ghanaians and very danceable. Noella has a more African taste in music also cultural and very energetic performer. Grace Ashely feels cheated because she has more experience and wasn’t also aware of the awards. All efforts to get the organizers to speak was not futile however they claim it was to show appreciation not based on votes. Grace Ashley has also threatened to do something about the issue which translates that it might be taken to court.

Despite all these threats we have since not heard anything from her camp. is she going to be one of the voices that threaten event organizers and lie silent after it? there are always concerns when it comes to events like these but no proper action takes place. if this continues people will always be treated unfairly and no one will stand for their rights and event organizers will go Scott free.