Where is Two Thoozin?

twoo-thoozin-003Where is two thoozin and Fifteen
The Year is almost at an end and when we cast our minds to some of the things  that embraced the beginning  of the Year it’s undoubtedly  “two thoozin”.
Two thoozin became a household  name after a video went viral on social media of an interview  with a guy who  was speaking  in a very funny tone of voice and making some mistakes. The video was so funny and the personality  behind  the video was popularly  referred to as “two thoozin and fifteen”. He rose to fame in a few days as he opened  social media he got more than 2000 followers.
He even made some music  and climbed one the biggest event stages in Ghana. He got opportunity  to feature in some movies which made his fame grow. After a while he begun to lose his fame and as at now no one talks about  him. It seems he is dieing out with his year ” two thoozin  and fifteen” 2015.

Story ;

Monica  Otumfuor