Harris Wants Her Mom to be More Like Blac Chyna’s Mom|Yandy Smith


Photo Credit: VH1

Blac Chyna’s mother Tokyo Toni isn’t one to hold back when it comes to defending her daughter on social media and that’s one of the reasons Yandy Smith-Harris is wishing her mom would do the same.

In VH1’s Mother’s Day special, “Dear Mama,” multiple celebrities are honoring their mothers, and in a new interview for the special, Yandy Smith-Harris reveals that she wishes her mother would take a page out of Tokyo Toni’s book and go off on Yandy’s haters.

She says:

“I love Blac Chyna’s mom. Blac Chyna’s mom goes in! Don’t mess with her. Don’t mess with Chyna. Don’t do it. See, my mom is very conservative. She doesn’t even have Instagram or Twitter or Facebook.

“Mom, take a page out of Blac Chyna’s mom’s rule book cause she goes in. Get yourself an Instagram page so you can go in too when these things be coming

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles|urbanbellemag.com