Yvonne Nelson Owes Me $18800 – Innocent Chuku

Popular actress Yvonne Nelson is battling with some individuals she has described as ‘fraudsters’.For the past month, she has been receiving incessant calls from the unknown individuals both in Ghana and outside who have been issuing threats on her life over claims that she owed them.

Sometime last month, one Innocent Chuku, who said he was a Nigerian based in Guinea and his two Ghanaian female acquaintances, had called NEWS-ONE offices to report to the paper that Yvonne owed them an amount of $18800 and had refused to pay back.

Chuku said he was Yvonne’s fan on facebook and had been chatting with her. Through that, she demanded the money from him.

Hence he sent the money to Yvonne via Western Union to invest in a movie she was then shooting in Malaysia last May.

According to him, Yvonne had since refused to pay back the money and had been playing hide-and-seek with him.

Also, he said he had not met Yvonne personally before but they chatted on facebook, spoke on phone and e-mailed each other.

Yvonne told NEWS-ONE she had received several other phone calls from other individuals, with some threatening to kill her over a debt she knew nothing about.

She said there was one Silas who had also been demanding money and issuing death threat on her life.

She emphasised that she had not taken any money from anybody via facebook. Also, she had neither shot a movie nor been in Malaysia before. Her passport could confirm that, she said.

She added she had not been chatting on facebook. She only uploads pictures on her fan page and people comment.

She therefore suspected the people demanding the money were fraudsters or they had been defrauded by some unscrupulous persons who might be using a facebook account in her name to defraud others.

“If they are genuine, why aren’t they involving the police? They can also trace their money via Western Union.

I don’t go borrowing money from my fans on facebook. I don’t even chat much on facebook.

Once a while, I try to reply people on fan page and not demanding money from them,” she told NEWS-ONE.

Yvonne has notified the public to be wary of the numerous facebook accounts that bore her name.

She said there were a lot of facebook accounts people created with her name; hence the public should be wary when dealing with such acounts.

She suspected some of these people managed to get her contacts like email address and phone numbers to also facilitate that unscrupulous activities.

She also said the email address Chuku was referring to wasn’t hers.

“People should be wary when dealing with faceless people claiming to be Yvonne Nelson.”

She noted that she had one facebook account and a fan page. One can easily identify the real Yvonne Nelson facebook account via her friends list.

Source: news one