Yvonne Nelson: “When An Actress Speaks Up They Say You Don’t Respect”

Sexy Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson, has for the first time poured her heart out about the circumstances surrounding her ban from starring in movies in 2010, and how she feels about it.

Speaking on Peace FM’s “Entertainment Review”, the tall actress said she only stood up for her rights and some film producers tagged her as disrespectful and arrogant.

“If Producers treat their cast and crew with respect, whatever they want will be given to them but when little bit of disrespect and for that you are taking advantage or you are not doing the right thing, then there is a problem.

When an actor or an actress speaks up, they say you don’t respect because you know your little rights and that is the only problem I have in this industry”, Yvonne stated.

The “Princess Tyra” actress explained that in Ghana if you know your rights and you know when to come in if you are not happy about something, people say you are arrogant, and that was exactly what happened to her before she was banned.

Yvonne stressed that the Movie Producers always talk about discipline in the movie industry but they don’t treat artistes well on set. She said she has personally produced two movies and she didn’t have any problem with anybody on set.

Asked how she felt when she heard the news that she has been banned and her name was all over the media, Yvonne said “Well it’s been a learning process I went through a lot from everything. Even Jesus Christ went through a lot when He was on earth so it’s not anything new you just have to learn from things like that”.

Yvonne Nelson got ‘mad’ on set during the shoot of “4Play Reloaded” and hurled invectives at virtually everybody including Producer Abdul Salam of Venus Films and Production Manager Roger Quartey, because she was supposed to shoot a scene with Jackie Appiah, but Jackie had absented herself by seeking permission to attend a social event, but she (Yvonne) was not informed of Jackie’s absence and as a result of that she wasted several hours waiting for Jackie to come back.

Jackie was billed to appear as a guest judge at the just ended Miss Malaika 2010 finals, which was live on TV. Yvonne therefore refused to shoot the scene alone, and even when Jackie was ready, she was still adamant. This led to the famous Yvonne Nelson one year ban in October 2010 from acting in any movie produced in Ghana by members of the Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG).

However, Yvonne opened up on Peace FM that she doesn’t have any problem with Jackie Appiah or anybody else in the movie industry. “When it comes to Jackie Appiah we are cool but the sad thing is we haven’t shot any film ever since that incident. If I had any issue with anybody, I would call Nadia or any of the other stars, to be in my movie. I can do any movie with her any day. I don’t have any issues with Jackie Appiah”.

She added that it is very likely Jackie Appiah may star in her next movie or if she (Jackie Appiah) is producing her own movie and she is called upon she (Yvonne) will definitely do it.

Yvonne returned from the ban stronger than ever and has already produced two movies aside starring in a over eleven new movies. Her latest movie “Single and Married” was premiered successfully at the Silverbird Cinema on Saturday September 22 and then premiered the following week at the Silverbird Cinema in Victoria Island in Nigeria.

Source: Eugene Osafo-Nkansah/Peacefmonline.com/Ghana