Zaphanat Panea Angry…

535872355_355052Gospel singer Nicholas Omane Acheampong of ‘Zaphanat Panea’ fame has expressed his displeasure at the organizers of the Ghana Music Awards and challenged the criteria with which they compiled the nomination list for this year’s awards.

His song ‘Zaphanat Panea’ has become one of the most popular songs in Ghana and bagged five nominations for the Music Awards this year but the musician insists he does not qualify for one of the categories and should have also been nominated for three others.

“It has become clear that the organizers do not respect those of us who do gospel music.

When did you ever hear of a gospel artiste winning the Artiste of the year?

Does it mean those of us who sing gospel music do not have what it takes to win that category?

Meanwhile, it is gospel music that is selling and we play more shows than the other genres yet they do not take us serious.

“I know I deserve nomination for Best Song Writer of the Year, Artiste of the Year and Album of the Year yet ‘Zaphanat Panea’ is missing in all these categories,” Nicholas Omane Acheampong told NEWS-ONE.

He also passed some rather interesting comments on his colleague gospel singer Cwesi Oteng in relation to the music awards.

Below are excerpts of the interview:

At least you have the nominations.

True but I expected to be nominated for the Best Song Writer of the Year, Artiste of the Year and Album of the Year.

‘Zaphanat Panea’ album is the most sold album of the year under review and I am talking about 2012.

As I speak, we have sold over 70,000 copies and the impact is so huge. You know this yourself.

Because of the grace of God on my song, we now have ‘Zaphanat Panea’ cloths, ‘Zaphanat Panea’ haircuts, ‘Zaphanat Panea’ bags and ‘Zaphanat Panea’ movies.

Yes, some people are using the name of my song to do movies.

I had to call a movie producer from Kumasi, his name is ODK and I asked him why he is using intellectual property without my consent. He came to salute and offer something.

Even the President of Ghana says he is called ‘Zaphanat Panea’.

Yes the president has taken my song as his nickname so what else do they want before they know ‘Zaphanat Panea’ is very popular?

Why do you deserve Artiste of the Year?

Why not? I am an artiste with an image, an accepted brand and a following.

‘Zaphanat Panea’ has rocked more shows than some of the names they have nominated.

Apart from my regular paid-for shows, at almost all major churches, crusades, lunching and Christian programmes, I have performed on over 40 major shows all over the country.

This is the list and ‘Zaphanat Panea’ is the best crowd-pulling song.

If you don’t believe me, follow me outside and see what would happen and you would know that the spirit of ‘Zaphanat Panea’ is in control.

Cwesi Oteng

Go to the market and ask for Cwesi Oteng’s album. You would either not get it, or find it in very few stores, yet he was nominated for Artiste of the Year and Album of the Year.

But you were also nominated for Gospel Album of the Year

Master, let me tell you the truth. If both Cwesi Oteng and ‘Zaphanat Panea’ are competing for Gospel Album of the Year but Cwesi Oteng is also competing for overall Album of the Year, what do you expect to happen? Meanwhile, ‘Zaphanat Panea’ is the most patronized album ever.

I am the Executive Producer of the song and I know what I am talking about. You can go out there and compare ‘Zaphanat Panea’ to ‘Mercy Project’ and tell me which is selling.

What is this? Album of the Year should have more than two hit songs.

But Ghanaians do not like the truth so I would stop talking. I just feel that when someone deserves commendation, we should not confuse the public.

You also have a problem with your nomination for Producer of the Year because you are not the Technical Producer. I am happy you said Technical Producer. I am the producer of the album but there is a technical producer who actually worked on the sounds and beats.

He is the one who should have received the credits and earned that nomination.

But normally, when they give you these forms to fill, all they ask is, ‘who is the producer’, without explaining if they mean Executive Producer or Technical Producer. So since they want to award the Technical Producer, they should be specific and not just ask who the producer is.

When that happens, we would give details of the Executive Producer because the Technical Producer has been paid off and no longer owns the song.

Except that the person is the one who should pick an award for the technical part of the song.

Source: A News-One Exclusive