African print and urban wear the ideal match

Gone are the days when wearing African prints had to go with material trouser and formal shoes meaning on most occasions even if the event is a casual one the wearer is marked out as dressing too serious and not trendy.

But that has all changed with the new breed of Africans who though wear jeans trousers or skirts compliment the outlook with formal/tee shirts or caps with African designs.

Tan tops, skinny skirts and trousers, scarves; ribbons could be given a dash of Africaness as well.

Bride and groom would loose nothing when they give their gowns an African touch. Churches could also make use of native clothes when it comes to decorating their interior.

So go on now don’t be inhibited, try out an African print today, they are not only nice but make the wearer elegant as well. Enjoy the photos below.

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Source: Linda Abefi Wadie  |ghanaweb