“Oversized dress or NOT”| Sandra Ankobiah

There is this expectation that writers have to keep their critique very modest to avoid certain circumstances. However it gets difficult in constructing the right words to describe a situation that could have been put in a single. Well as my beautiful lady Sandra Ankobiah prepared for the special occasion “Ghana Must Go” premiere, it is unclear who manages her dressing for such occasions.

Take a closer look at the dressing and tell me if she was heading towards a close friend’s funeral, where the hair colour although matches her skin seem to be clashing with the dress colour. She looks like a sick lady, this dress is definitely off putting. In fact the hair, dress and show are not pleasing to the eyes. She definitely deserve to be in the court room, please leave the fashion business to the expert.

Sandra Ankobiah is a TV show host, actress, a model and a lawyer.

“An oversize dress or NOT”… I leave that to your judgement 


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By Antwi Odrey