Fantasies:The truth confronts Miss Malaika

Every little girl has once dreamed of becoming a beauty queen especially if they are pretty and intelligent.  For most little girls, it is their family members that make them dream or fantasize about becoming a beauty queen because they are given ‘beauty queen’ as  pet names.

The ten delegates for this year’s miss malaika@10 all had fantasies of becoming a beauty queen as little girls but were waiting for the right platform to make their fantasies become reality.

For most of the delegates watching past seasons of Miss Malaika heightened their fantasies because they saw the past delegates to be goddesses and wondered if that could be them one day. Some delegates’ fantasies were created by their families but were scared to give it a try for fear of failure.

When Miss Malaika@10 was launched this year, all ten delegates wanted to see if their fantasies could be a reality.  They were tired of having fantasies and knew that this was time to put their fears aside and make it a reality.

All delegates were confident they would be picked and even get this far in the competition, although it’s not been a jolly ride for these delegates they say it’s worth it because they get to see their fantasies come true.


Ghanaian Chronicle