LA Reid Didn’t Shade Tamar or Ciara

Music industry executive LA Reid tweeted about someone not being signed to Epic Records, and many suspected the tweet was shade to Tamar Braxton or Ciara. Turns out the tweet wasn’t about Tamar or Ciara after all. According to VLAD TV, the tweet was actually in reference to a rapper. VLAD TV … [Read more...]

Bow Wow Blames Nelly for Breakup with Ciara

Rapper and actor Bow Wow is opening up about his breakup with Ciara and just why he believes he hasn’t had luck when it comes to women. In a recent interview with VLAD TV, Bow Wow blames his breakup with Ciara on Nelly and Jermaine Dupri. Apparently both convinced him he was too young to be … [Read more...]

Was Future’s Countersuit Against Ciara Actually Dismissed?

Recently it was reported that Futuredropped his countersuit against Ciara, but now sources are saying it’s more to the story. Apparently Future’s suit was actually dismissed. According to Hip Hop Hollywood, Future’s slander countersuit against Ciara was actually dismissed by the judge and … [Read more...]