I’m undoubtedly the most hardworking musician in 2016 – Ras Kuuku

Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook

Reggae/Dancehall sensation, Ras Kuuku, has opined that, it is a necessity for every Reggae/Dancehall act to wear dreadlocks or at least have enough hair on their heads.

Speaking to Flex Newspaper, the Gyene hit maker said the Reggae genre is a culture on its own with Dancehall as its subset. A matted or sculpted rope of hair which has foregone brushing, combing or barbering is what distinguishes a Reggae artiste from other musicians.

Ras Kuuku cited himself, Samini, Iwan, Conqueror, Osaagyefo, Kojo Kombolo, Black Prophet, Stonebwoy, Jupitar and co, as true Reggae/Dancehall musicians who are wearing dreadlocks to signify the Reggae culture.

“Reggae/Dancehall is a culture which requires its acts to leave their hair to grow. Wearing dreadlocks is therefore a must for musicians in this genre. A Reggae artiste in ‘sakora’ haircut cannot reign. Even if you can’t wear the locks, you should have some grown hair on. We Reggae/Dancehall artistes are not like other musicians who focus on looking fresh by changing hairstyles, because a man must be fearful,” Ras Kuuku emphasized.

The Puom Music artiste further added that, people are quick to identify the type of music he does everywhere he goes. This, he said, is the main reason why Reggae/Dancehall musicians ought to look like lions to suit their genre. According to the Nwansina singer, he is undoubtedly the most hardworking musician in 2016 and his works are a clear evidence of this claim.

“I fit in every genre of music, because I’m versatile. This year, I’ve worked so hard that my songs are on the lips of everybody. He plans to weekly drop videos for System Bad, Who Send Dem and Wuye are underway. I’m grateful to people like Trika B Money, Biggest Boss Promotions, Elorm Bennie, Sammy Flex, Puom crew and every Dancehall lover for having my back,” he said.

Ras Kuuku and his team are currently awaiting Stonebwoy’s return to Ghana in order to shoot the most anticipated video for the new Nwansina remix.

Source: flex newspaper

Money In My Pocket ft MediKal & Ayat ~ Magnom

The concept of currency is as physical as it is abstract . We scurry around everyday for a piece of the pie and the fact that there are a couple more zeros after a figure excites us. Time and time again we then get lost in a whirlpool of an animated state of bliss. The effect that currency has on us is so profound that even when it’s just a possibility we get worked up. This song was written from that Space. Ayat and Medikal were put on to give different perspective to this context. MIMP(Money In My Pocket)  Produced By MagNom


Where is the snake in Bishop Obinim?

Where is the snake in Bishop Obinim?
Where is the snake in Bishop Obinim?

The saga surrounding Bishop Obinim who could transmogrify into different species is getting worse by the minute. It was initially played on OBtv where two teenagers living with him were flogged by himself and two co-ministers in the church for breaking the Ten Commandments.

The concern is not necessarily with the punishment but the medium used to perpetuate such act. The Tema police division called on him and the two ministers for questioning and caution when the coin flipped into his arrest. A suspicion that the Bishop had defrauded an undisclosed individual of Gold in the amount of 11.6 million Ghana cedi ($2.9 million approximately); by close of day 23rd August, he had been transported to Nima police where he spent the night.

Since he could transmogrify to any animal, the police took the extra precaution to cuff him in custody. The police is not taking any chances. A large following were gathered at the Nima police station where some slept over and others joined in the morning. They were bused in by the church in protest causing nuisance to police activity, yet a demonstration of a kind. Police had to use force as means to restrain the growing crowd.

The question is:


By Keawi Obribini