Accra goods market -Fashion food and music

Accra goods market -Fashion food and music Photos by Monica Otumfuor   … [Read more...]

LA Reid Didn’t Shade Tamar or Ciara

Music industry executive LA Reid tweeted about someone not being signed to Epic Records, and many suspected the tweet was shade to Tamar Braxton or Ciara. Turns out the tweet wasn’t about Tamar or Ciara after all. According to VLAD TV, the tweet was actually in reference to a rapper. VLAD TV … [Read more...]

Money In My Pocket ft MediKal & Ayat ~ Magnom

The concept of currency is as physical as it is abstract . We scurry around everyday for a piece of the pie and the fact that there are a couple more zeros after a figure excites us. Time and time again we then get lost in a whirlpool of an animated state of bliss. The effect that currency has on us … [Read more...]

Where is the snake in Bishop Obinim?

The saga surrounding Bishop Obinim who could transmogrify into different species is getting worse by the minute. It was initially played on OBtv where two teenagers living with him were flogged by himself and two co-ministers in the church for breaking the Ten Commandments. The concern is not … [Read more...]