Bature’s Preferred NDC Presidential Candidate is Very Wicked, Heartless & Ungrateful

My children and I were very sad and astonished when the very man whom my husband was always rushing to take his bath early in the morning so that he can reach the studio of Adom TV on time to defend and project his 2020 Presidential ambition decided to avoid the mourning and burial service of Alhaji Bature. Wicked people in highest places.

We warned Bature about that man but he wouldn’t listen. That ungrateful man is selfish to the point that he always turns demise of people into campaign gear. That man considers his Presidential ambition to be more important than the death of his sacrificial lambs.

We now understand why Naadu never campaign for him.

Bature, now see what you have done to yourself. Even your political opponents are here to commiserate with us but your beloved Candidate is far away in B/A enjoying his divided-Unity Walk and self seeking Presidential ambition.

Bawumia that you despised with passion is here with us but your beloved Candidate is totally absent.

Alabi and Sylvester that you vehemently opposed are here with us but your beloved Candidate cannot be found.

God bless Dr. Bawumia, Alabi, Sylvester and all those who commiserate with our family.

By Kingsley Adomako Odrey/