Wendy Williams Says Mary J. Blige Should Get a White Man

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams got lots of backlash after she told her audience that she felt HBCUs weren’t needed and offensive to white people, and now some are feeling some kind of way because she told her audience Mary J. Blige should get with a white man.

Wendy decided to give her opinions on Mary divorcing Kendu Isaacs, and that’s pretty much when she told the audience Mary should do like Tina Tuner and get with a white man so she could live a happy life.

She says:

“Mary will move on. She has plenty of men interested in her. She needs to go the Tina Turner route.

“She needs to get herself a nice white man who’s a bit older…come on now, I’m back. Can we talk?

“Tina Turner just seems much more happier after the bad Ike years and whatnot. And she looks healthy and she’s older and still dipping it and doing it.”

Check out the video below. The Mary talk starts at the 9:00 mark:

By: Samuel Nyarko