Okomfo Kwadee Advises Artistes To Stop Flaunting Their Riches

Veteran rapper, Okomfo Kwadee talks about the personalities in the current music industry. Moreover, he advised them to stop flaunting his riches on social media.

He made these statements in an interview with The Pulse. He revealed that it was unnecessary for artiste to put their properties in the eyes of the public. However, they should send out good messages in their songs. This is something which they are failing to do.

He went on to state if people want to talk about some rich artiste in Ghana, then his name deserves to be mentioned. This is because during his prime he was the richest artiste. He was playing shows everywhere and even became the first Ghanaian artiste to be paid 30 million old cedis which is today’s GHS 3000. However, with all these money he never made anyone knew about it.