Cheat Cheat Cheat….|Tichina Arnold


Cheat Cheat Cheat…. here we go again. Another man caught for cheating and the devil has no option but to get the blame for it. Tichina Arnold’s curiosity lead her to investigate through her husbands phone only to discover pictures and videos of $extual activities indulged in by the husband and other women.

The marriage is currently on the rocks as TMZ report that Tachina sent a text message to friends and family that read, ““It’s over between Rico and I. This is where I part ways and all bets are off.”

“I can’t for the life of me understand why Rico would video himself f—–g ‘raw dog’ ONE of his MANY extraneous whores that ‘trick’ on him for his money,” she is said to have written.

By Antwi Odrey