Response To My Critics |Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry has made a fortune from his films, TV shows and plays, but that hasn’t stopped some of his critics from finding flaws in his work.

In fact, many have been vocal about their uneasiness with how most of Tyler’s black characters have been portrayed.

Tyler doesn’t appreciate it either

In a recent interview with New York Magazine, Tyler Perry claps back at those who feel his work plays into negative stereotypes about black people.

He says:

“Let me tell you what took me aback about that. When people were like, ‘How dare you put fat black people on television, these are caricatures, these are stereotypes’ – I was so offended because my aunt’s fat. My mother’s fat. My cousins are fat.’ People who are like, ‘How dare you – these harken back to Mammy, Amos ‘n’ Andy.’ I would hear all these things, and I would go, hmmm.”


By: Amanda Anderson-Niles |