With the black stars about to play their biggest friendly with the English national team, Trigmatic has released a single called “MEFRI GHANA”, to cheer the gallant stars up.

The song talks about originality, the fact that we are proud to be blacks, especially when we represent the Stars from Ghana and therefore we can do the unexpected.

Trigmatic said, “I owe it to our gallant Black Stars, as the act of winning has become their hobby, I feel I like boosting their morale towards the England” match.

He also lamented that ‘Me Fri Ghana’ as a hip hop song, is coming from his soul to the people of Ghana as a whole, “We need to feel happy, walk chest up and speak our minds as that makes us grow as Ghanaians”.

Away from the black Stars match, Trigmatic said, the song will remain as a permanent stain on the people of Ghana, as any time they are down, it will remind them of who they are, black and bold.

Trigmatic who did not want to predict the score line for the Ghana, England game was optimistic that the Black stars will come out victorious over their colonial masters.

“Me Fri Ghana” is a typical party hip hop song for every lover of Ghanaian music no matter the preference.

All proud Ghanaians should please join Trigmatic hit your chest and say, “ME FRI GHANA”.

Story: Nana Yaw Wiredu/nanayaw18.com

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