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Ugandans, Out Of Fear Vote For Methuselah Yoweri Museveni Again


Ugandans, Out Of Fear Vote For Methuselah Yoweri Museveni Again

With Uganda’s ballots from 86% of polling stations counted so far, Methuselah Yoweri Museveni leads with 5,300,831 votes (58%) while the victimized main opposition candidate, Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has 3,119,965 votes (34.62%). From all indications, Yoweri Museveni will still lead the country for the next four (4) years.

Whilst Ugandans are expecting the final results of the election later in the day, some have already tipped Museveni to rig and win as usual.

Uganda Election:

Meanwhile, Robert Kyagulanyi AKA Bobi Wine has alleged widespread fraud happen during the election, Reuters and other notable media outlet have reported.

It baffles many people’s minds that Museveni isn’t prepared to leave office for another person and yet he still will not groom a young person to take power from him.

He now sees himself as the only person with the epitome of all knowledge ordained to lead Uganda.

To me, this is where most Africa leaders get it all wrong. They seem so shallow that they just don’t know when to quit.

Museveni may likely end up getting disgraced and chased out of office like Mugabe or the others.

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