BBW LA: Jackie Christie Doesn’t Know If Doug Is Gay; Kevin Hart’s Ex Spoofs Cast [VIDEO]

BBW LA: Jackie Christie Doesn’t Know If Doug Is Gay; Kevin Hart’s Ex Spoofs Cast [VIDEO]

Things got a little interesting on the Basketball L.A. Reunion, Part II on VH1 Monday night.

Experimenting with a new format, moderator John Salley, who seems to enjoy the reunion more than the cast, took questions from viewers and read them verbatim. One curious viewer wanted to know if Doug Christie, husband of 17 years to cast member, Jackie Christie, was gay.

Jackie hesitated before laughing and saying, “No, he’s not gay, well I don’t know if he’s gay or not; I never asked him.”

She continued that “even if he was [she] would love him just the same,” because gay men are sexy.

Frenemy, Laura Govan, took it to the Tweets to voice her disbelief:

Laura Govan Twitter

Though rumors have swirled that the Christies are swingers, that has not been confirmed. And even if that were true, as Jackie said on the show, they know everything about each other and accept each other for who they are.

“That’s why we’re 17 years in,” said Jackie.

The couple are long-time supporters of marriage equality, getting married in a gay club to bring awareness to the civil rights issue:

“The LGBT community means a lot to us, we’ve been long time supporters and we want to bring as much noise as we can,” said Jackie on the Tom Joyner Morning Show. “We think it’s totally unfair that everyone can’t be married to who they want, when they want (and) however many times they want.

“It’s not fair that in the State of California that same sex couples are not recognized as legal couples.”

According to various reports, when the show returns it will be with a completely different cast. Torrei Hart, comedian Kevin Hart‘s ex-wife, weighed in on this season’s cast so fans can remember them the way they were:

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