1991 Memory Lane: John Dumelo was a ‘Baby thief’

imagesThe popular Ghanaian actor who is also adored by Nigerian entertainment industry proudly shared the picture with the young girl in a classroom with the caption “On set of baby thief in 1991”.

The actor has been on set even before he could spell puberty.

His first big break was when he was seven-year-old at Christ the King International School in Accra.

It was at this school the producers from the GAMA Film company visited in 1991 to find children who would be suitable for roles in their film ‘Baby Thief.’

John and his older sister were some of the lucky few to be selected, with John eventually securing one of the lead roles in the movie as Saka.

John is the only son and the youngest of three children.

The fine actor turned 30 years on Monday, February 3, 2014 but gave indications he was not ready to settle down with any particular woman any time soon.



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