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2010 Ghana’s Most Beautiful queen


2010 Ghana’s Most Beautiful queen

2010 Ghana’s Most Beautiful winner, Nana Ama Agyeiwaa, who represented the Eastern Region, has since winning the crown at the National Theater on November 21, 2010, been de-stressing in her native, Aburi town.

Speaking to Hi Newspaper on Saturday, she said, “Having gone through three months of heavy stress, mixed with the sweet experience of becoming Ghana’s Most Beautiful, TV3 thought I needed to take a holiday before resuming to any major duties.”

On Sunday, 5th of December 2010, the stool name Dede Kosi was conferred on Ama by the elders of Shai Traditional Area in appreciation of her efforts during the show.

A colourful mini gathering of Chiefs and people of Shai Traditional Area welcomed her amidst drumming and dancing of the Klama dance. The chiefs and people of Shai Traditional Area expressed their appreciation and praised her on her good work in educating Ghanaians about the traditions of the people of Krobos during the 13-week contest.

The Queen of Dodowa was present to grace the occasion and enstoolled Ama as the new Nkosuohemaa of Shai Traditional area. She dressed her, and on her wrist, placed a beautiful bead popular known as Adiagba.

Nene Okle also honoured her with beads during her enstollment. The people would not let Ama leave until she danced to chief drummer’s rhythm. Ama, joined in by some women of Shai moved graciously to the drum beats.

Now that she seems to have had enough rest, she would begin soliciting support from NGOs to embark on her project.

“With the brag right and most importantly, the support from TV3, it would be easier to get people to buy into my project and support it,” the lively 20-year-old told Hi Newspaper.

As her projects, she wants to put in place, a career guidance, mentorship and empowerment programme for the youth.

Speaking on her project, she blamed the growing immorality in the country on what she describes as “misplaced career choice by the youth.”

She says the tendency for many parents to pressurize their children to choose careers against their will and capability “contributes to the high school drop-out rate and other anti-social activities.”

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