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27-year-old Legon Graduate washing cars to survive seeks for help


27-year-old Legon Graduate washing cars to survive seeks for help

A Facebook user has shared an encounter he had with a young University of Ghana Political Science graduate at a washing bay in Accra. According to him and the photos he shared, the young man graduated with a second class and has since not been employed.

He is depending on the washing of cars to survive. Read his message below:


Upon reaching the car washing bay around 5: 43pm yesterday, a smart young man approached me and politely directed me to park whilst I await my turn.
Soon, it was my turn and he started washing the car. Whilst I was busily sharing my life experiences with one of his colleagues who normally washes my car, I overheard the gentleman telling another customer who just drove in English “ Boss, I will be with you shortly “.
That got me intrigued, so I approached the gentleman and asked him what is his educational background. This was his response ; “ I am a graduate of the University of Ghana “. What! a graduate of what I screamed.
Then I probed further, what did you studied and with what class? And he responded humbly “ Political Science- Second Class Upper “. At that point, I could feel nothing but a cold chill through my body. How could a fine brain like this be at the washing bay when he could use his intellect to do more for him self and family?
Indeed, I know this world is not balanced but we will do our best to make it balanced.
As to where he sleeps I will leave that for another day.
I am calling on any well meaning person out here to give this 27years young man whose parents (farmers) did their best and managed to get him through university a JOB this morning.
Thank you.


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