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2Toff Rocked BLESS THE MIC Show


2Toff Rocked BLESS THE MIC Show

1st of June was a memorable day as everybody’s attention was shifted towards Alliance Frances for the sensational Bless the Mic Event.

The talk on everybody’s lips was 2TOFF will be performing together with other promising artist from the Ghana music industry, all heads set off to the event.

The show kicked off at 8pm on Friday as Joel of Y-FM and Agnes of VIASAT-1 graced the stage as hosts of the night. Kwesi Trigger was the first to set the fire on stage for the event.

The moment we all were itching for finally emerged as 2TOFF stepped on stage. I sipped my orange juice as i watched from the crowd, looking forward to being swept of my feet.

With NATURE on the drums and OGUNSKELE on the mic, 2TOFF performed their sampled version of Michael Jackson’s “BEAT IT” with a touch of reggae and hip hop, I watched OGUNSKELE deliver the his lines and all made the performance absolutely likable. Soon, the white folks present at the event started moving towards the front row completely mesmerized by the song.

It didn’t end there, 2TOFF also performed 2 hit songs from their previews album including my favourite ‘tia tia’. Blame me not, but I didn’t know when I put on my dancing shoes to join the already flooded floor catching my own groove. Believe you me, the energy soon became nut!

If I am to describe the 2TOFF’s performance in one word, it would be “MAGNIFICENT” because they killed it. I mean, their 2 piece band, both on point and delivering all at once. They were able to deliver, hands down.

Even when their mics went off at some point during their performance, 2toff didn’t leave their fans hanging; they did what enviable artist like they do by rectifying it without raising any suspicion. They proved they were versatile musicians doing what they know how to do best.


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