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365 Days Firlm “Fascinates Rape” – Duffy Singer Fires Netflix


365 Days Firlm “Fascinates Rape” – Duffy Singer Fires Netflix


Duffy singer / song writer has condemned Netflix for shows the Firlm “365 Days”.

Revealing the firm polishes sex brutality, trafficking and rape.

The movie sits on no.5 on UK’s top 10 most streamed.

The movie talks about a gangster who has kidnapped a young polish woman and gives her one-year to fall in love with him.

“This should not be anyone’s idea of entertainment, nor should it be described as such,” said Duffy, who recently revealed she was held captive and raped a decade ago.

365 Days was not produced by Netflix, but was picked up by the streaming service in June.

Netflix has not responded to a request for comment.

“I just can’t imagine how Netflix could overlook how careless, insensitive, and dangerous this is. It has even prompted some young women, recently, to jovially ask Michele Morrone, the lead actor in the film, to kidnap them.

Duffy Singer wrote:

We all know Netflix would not host material glamorizing paedophilia, racism, homophobia, genocide, or any other crimes against humanity. The world would rightly rise up and scream.

“Tragically, victims of trafficking and kidnapping are unseen, and yet in 365 Days their suffering is made into a ‘erotic drama’, as described by Netflix.”


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