I won’t stay forever with High grade music –kofi kinata

The Fante rap boy; Kofi Kinata has signed on to high grade music. In real life he is known as Martin Kofi Kinata In an interview with him he stated that he was at high grade music on a contract basis and when it ends he can choose to move anywhere. According to his words “I have signed a deal with high grade family and when it ends I may end or continue. I won’t be at high grade forever by Kofi Kinata”. When asked the duration of the contract he declined to disclose it.

Kofi kinata has released  songs like ‘ Oh Azay’, ‘Different’ and ‘Aha aye de’. since he entered the music scene and has been received well into the music industry.  He has also collaborated with top musicians to produce hit songs like Castro’s ‘Odo Pa’. He has released three singles and looking forward to launch an album next year. High grade music has a lot of opportunities and plans to help his career. For now he will work with them till the end of his contract and decide what to do next. He has performed various shows and has won the love of Ghanaians. He is set to perform at the upcoming Saminifest on 6th December.


Monica Otumfuor

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