$400k debt: I forgive Ibrah 1, let’s pray for him, he needs it- Heloo Stephen

$400k debt: I forgive Ibrah 1, let’s pray for him, he needs it- Heloo Stephen

Just about a week ago, news broke that Ibrah who is widely known to be one of the richest young men in Ghana had been arrested. Well, that followed up with some videos going viral, which showed that indeed, Ibrah was present at a police station for questioning due to a supposed $400,000 which he owes his friend known as Heloo and that Interpol was not involved.

Heloo reported the case to the police because he claimed Ibrah had been avoiding his calls to the extent of blacklisting him. This led to a whole lot of hot issues surrounding Ibrah, his friends and their sources of income.

Fast forward, Ibrah threatened to leak names of his partners in crime if their wish is to see him go down. Interestingly, he did mention some of these names which include very known personalities in Ghana.

His friend Heloo, whose action caused all these brouhaha, in a latest snap has acknowledged that he has forgiven Ibrah and prays for him now. He also posted a screenshot of a chat he had with an anonymous person and was asking the person to forgive Ibrah too. He didn’t specifically mention Ibrah’s name in the snapchat posts but we definitely know he was referring to Ibrah who used to be a very good friend until now.

Check out screenshots from his posts below:

Source: MyNewsGh.com

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