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4Syte’s Jeremie: I am Still A Virgin


4Syte’s Jeremie: I am Still A Virgin

Jeremie Van-Garshong of YFM and co-host of 4Syte TV, who will turn 28 in June, had made it public that she has never had any sexual intercourse in her and that her virginity is still perfectly intact.

Jeremie is one of the few persons whose voices have won the hearts and minds of many people in Ghana, and she over the weekend made some interesting revelations about her personal life during a television interview with Delores Frimpong Manso on the Delay Talk Show.

Jeremie said she had never had sex and that she considered virginity something that should be preserved, especially when she is the daughter of a Man of God and has strong Christian principles. She put to rest the long speculated controversy on whether or not she and her co-host Jay-Foley had dated were dating or would soon be dating. “Jay Foley is not my lover. You are not the first person asking this question but let me explain it to Ghana. People started to put us together because they often see us together.

We live in the same hood, we do radio and advertising people together, we together for 4syte and we work together at YFM. “We have never dated or gone out. But we are very good friends and we do everything together. But seeing two people together all the time does not mean they are lovers…I am not dating and I am a virgin. It is something that you have to keep – I am a pastor's daughter and I don't play with God,” Jeremie noted.

Explaining she had a foreign accent, Jeremie said it was because of the type of schools she attended and the fact that she stayed outside Ghana for a long time. `“I attended Morning Star and that was where I started school. So from the basic level, I was already speaking good English.

Then I continued to Aburi Girls and then I travelled outside the country. I went to France but I attended an international school there, Lycee George Clemenceau, so though the school was in France, our course content was in English so I was speaking English and that was where I picked it up,” Jeremie revealed.
She denied faking the accent or rehearsing before going on radio. “No I don't pretend, I don't fake it and I don't rehearse it. When I seat behind the console, I flow naturally.”

Jeremie also that though she wanted to study International Relations, she ended in Journalism by chance. “I started radio from Vibe FM.

I was sent there to do my attachment after journalism school and I was assigned as a receptionist but people started to ask questions to find out who I was because I guess I sounded nice.
“My boss came to me one day and said there was something about me so he wanted to put me on radio. , it was not something that I really wanted to do because my aim was to do international relations and I would still do it. So there was a time the person who was asked to read the news did not report for work and I was asked to read it. It was like I should just read it and I was not given time to rehearse or anything…I read it and they said it was good. I stayed with Vibe FM for five to six years.

Source: News one


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