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4×4 music group in exclusive interview


4×4 music group in exclusive interview

4x4 music group

4×4 music group

The music Group that is believed to have stood the test of time, 4×4 has done it again on its new single titled “Atongo”. The group was on Ohemaa woyeje work and happiness show on August 25th in an exclusive interview. Members nicknames, Fresh Prince; Coded; and Captain Planet; gave a few “”Akapela” to almost six of their hit songs to grace the start of the interview.

Fresh Prince, the unmarried one among the other two married emphasized on Gods time for the right time, as they gave credence to their brand for holding them together as a group. In unity they assured fans breakup will never be an option whiles they work towards the needs of the brand “4×4”.

“We are all Voltarians …… Number Nine to be precise” Coded said.

Masked whether they regretted marrying:

Coded said “Nobody marries their enermy and our wives do understand the trade we are in, so we are comfortable and do not regret in any shape or form. Marriage does not affect our productivity, it’s the job we have been doing before marriage”.

Your videos are considered quality, Ohemaa asked.

“we are always fortunate and striving for the best to produce excellence is the key reason behind our quality videos” Captain Planet said.

When asked about “Atongo” on their new single. They confessed it came about as one of their fun and creativity moment which were agreed in their discussions. The vision was to ease the pressure in the system. The group is currently working on a video in South Africa, more interesting and quality singles should be released from next month.

By Antwi Odrey

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