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50 Cent Explains Deciding Against Posing Nude For Super Bowl Win


50 Cent Explains Deciding Against Posing Nude For Super Bowl Win

explains why he chose to post a photo of himself Twitter, saying that he never intended to show his manhood.

The rapper made a lot of his female fans very excited last month when he told a fan he would post a naked photo of himself online if the Giants were to lose the Super Bowl. Fiddy then changed his mind a few days later saying that he wanted to focus on promoting his King energy drink instead.

However, he can breathe a sigh of relief as the Giants played to victory last night, triumphing against the New England Patriots.

“This what happens. People say really crazy things on my Twitter, and I say, ‘Okay,' so my fans can crazy people are saying,” he told Yahoo.

“I won [five hundred-thousand] on a on the last Giants game. So I said I'll bet it back. …It would just be risking what I won the first time.”

He also told the website that he did not believe Birdman would put $5 million down on the Super Bowl if the Patriots won.

“Baby said he has five million dollars on the Patriots. I think he just was passionate about the Patriots winning and he just said that. I don't think he would actually bet five million dollars,” he said.

Are you shocked Fiddy backed out of the bet?

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