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50 Cent Not Really Quitting ‘Power’ After Golden Globe Snub

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50 Cent Not Really Quitting ‘Power’ After Golden Globe Snub


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50 Cent doesn’t see why it’s a problem for him to constantly shade “Empire” in order to praise “Power,” any many suspect his real beef is the Starz drama continues to be ignored by major awards shows.

Interestingly enough, 50 recently ranted after “Power” didn’t get a Golden Globe nominations and he made it seem like he is quitting the show.

50 Cent has been going off on social media now that “Power” was once again ignored by awards shows after another successful season.

After the hit show didn’t receive any nominations for the Golden Globe Awards this year, 50 told his Instagram followers that he’s done with the show.

Variety writes:

The rapper and actor slammed the Hollywood Foreign Press Association via Instagram for once again omitting “Power.” The show, which recently wrapped its third season, has never been nominated for a Golden Globe or any major award show accolade.

50 Cent, who serves as an executive producer and plays the character Kanan, had some less-than-flattering words to say regarding the snub and stated that he will be quitting the show.

“I’m on the move again, the Golden Globes can suck a d-ck,” 50 Cent posted on Instagram. “I accept my series POWER was not intended to be a signature show for the network but it is the highest rated show. I know my audience very well, I’m done promoting this out side of contractual obligations. SEASON 4 KANAN MUST DIE, I got other sh-t to do.”

Responding to Variety‘s request, a spokesperson for Starz said: “We are grateful for the excellent work being done on ‘Power’ by the producers, cast and crew. We certainly think this exceptional show has been overlooked by various awards committees, but the fans have made it the second most watched show on premium cable in 2016…and those are accolades that mean just as much if not more.”

Though the network had nothing to say regarding 50 Cent’s status on future seasons of the show (it’s been renewed for Season 4 and Season 5), an insider tells Variety there is no internal concern and that the rapper/actor is extremely committed to the show.

By: Samuel Nyarko

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