99% Of Ghanaian Pastors Are Fake – Papa Shee

99% Of Ghanaian Pastors Are Fake – Papa Shee

Former hiplife and highlife sensation, Evangelist Papa Shee talks about men of God. Moreover, according to him certain men of God are fake.

He spoke about this in an interview with B Ice on Kumasi based Agyenkwa FM.

Furthermore, according to him, about 99% of the current crop of so-called men of God in Ghana are fake. However, his statement shocked the host. Papa Shee added that his Bible tells him that many people are called into the service of the Lord. However, few are chosen. Therefore, almost all the Ghanaian pastors who claiming that there are servants of God are liars.

He stated that even though he was in the United States of America doing the work of God, the Lord through the spiritual realm showed him the ill activities these fake pastors were engaging in.

Also, he expressed his total displeasure on why the current gospel musicians follow these fake men of God blindly all in the name of getting huge sums of money to satisfy themselves.

In his ending remark, Papa Shee stated that if any of these fake pastors dare him for saying the truth, God will kill them. He stressed that this revelation was by God together with a biblical quotation from Acts 18:9 as backing.

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